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1 Tour code: ZIPAQUIRA

¿Why is so interesting about this tour?

The Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira is one of the 7 wonders in Colombia; if you are in Bogotá you can't miss this marvelous piece of architecture. A huge underground cathedral. This magic and spiritual place will be unforgettable for you and your close ones. The tour is designed in a way in which you can go in the morning and come back to Bogota at noon. During the tour you will be able to see important landmarks such as Puente del Común and the spectacular sightseeing of Bogota from the mountains of La Calera, where you will take beautiful pictures of the urban landscape. We will have a delicious snack break, since the Bogota Sabana is the perfect place to taste the famous pandeyucas and almojabanas accompanied by a terrific Chocolate Santafereño.

¿When does it take place?: Every day of the year.

¿How long does it take?: The departure time is approximately at 8:30, the exact time varies depending o where you need us to pick you up. The return to Bogota is approximately at 1:30 pm. The exact time of arrival varies according to the plce you need us to drop you off in the city.

¿What does the price include? The price includes:

  • Pick up

  • Guide (Spanish, English, French, German, etc.)

  • Entrance ticket to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira.

  • Panoramic tour around Zipaquira main square.

  • Tour journey on both ways, stopping by at some places of interest.

¿How much does it cost?

Our idea is to allow you to meet the Bogota Sabana and its greatest attractions in a pleasant, efficient and cheap way. Therefore our rates include the entrance tickets, the guide, the transfers and our guides' proffesionalism for an excellent price. This price varies according to the number of people booking the tour. So if you go accompanied your tour price is going to be much smaller!

Number of people Price per person in Colombian Pesos Price per person in Dollars USD
1    250.000 pesos 150 USD
2-3 130.000 pesos 77 USD
4-5 100.000 pesos 60USD
6-8 80.000 pesos 50 USD
9-12 70.000 pesos 40 USD
13-14 60.000 pesos 35 USD
15-18 50.000 pesos 30 USD
19 or more Contact us to send you a quote.


¿How Do I book this tour?

Just call us to our Call center or fill out the following form:



1.Tour code.

3. Number of people going to the tour                      
2. Tour Date                       4. Language for your tour                    
5. Name and Last Name of each person going to the tour, separate each person with ",".   Please write in Capitol letters the family Name to difference it of the First Name

Example: John SMITH, Mary BROWN.


6 Place where you want to be picked up. Address and name of the place in Bogotá


In order to be able to contact you, we kindly need your following information:

7. Name of the contact person for this tour 


8. Email  of that person:


9.Phone number and mobile number to reach that person:                    

All the information that you provide is confidential and it will be used only for this tour.