On this tour, you’ll get to see Guaduas: one of Colombia’s 14 heritage towns, famous for its history and architecture. You’ll walk along a part of Colombia’s first Camino Real (between Honda and Bogota). You’ll visit a coffee farm where you’ll learn about growing and processing coffee. You’ll go on a rafting adventure in the middle of the Rio Negro canyon, an area rich in biodiversity. And you’ll stay at a nature reserve in front of the spectacular Salto de Versalles waterfall.

Our accommodations at the reserve have a close-up view of the Salto de Versalles waterfall. The rustic style of the construction and its bamboo design is the perfect combination for this natural setting. The comfort of the amenities, outdoor Jacuzzi, and excellent traditional food will make your stay unforgettable. The house has modern bathrooms and hot water, and the bedroom is a large open room with 8 beds and 5 hammocks, all with mosquito nets. Nature, comfort, and peace are this gorgeous hotel’s key attributes.

This waterfall is one of Colombia’s most important and the birthplace of the famous indigenous legend of Panche: the story of Guampo and Calia. Salto de Versalles, at 40 meters tall, provides us with a unique landscape, as well as the relaxing sounds of water and birds always singing.

Guaduas is a Colombian heritage town since it was one of the most important populations in the country in the XVIII and XIX centuries. With a guide, you’ll walk along its streets and get to see the history of the colonial viceroyalty up close.

Here you’ll get to learn about one of Colombia’s the most iconic crops. You’ll see and experience the entire planting, collection, and processing cycle of the best coffee in the world. Then you’ll be able to try a delicious cup of it.

You’ll go rafting in the Rio Negro canyon, a canyon in the Andes that’s rich in biodiversity and where nature and adventure take center stage.


Three (3) days and two (2) nights

  • Departure from Bogota at 4:30 p.m.
  • Ground transport from Bogota to Guaduas
  • Dinner at the Salto Versalles nature reserve
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Salto Versalles nature reserve
  • An excursion to the Camino Real and Piedra Capira (Capira Stone lookout)
  • City Tour of Guaduas
  • Tour of a coffee farm
  • Breakfast at the Salto de Versalles nature reserve
  • Rafting in Tobia
  • Picnic lunch by the river




Special discount for students at the Nueva Lengua 


(within the dates provided by the school)


  • Includes: All of the above.
  • Reservation: Make your reservation in advance to guarantee your spot.
  • Payment: Bank transfer to our USA account, cash deposit in our Davivienda Colombia account, or by credit card.

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